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Snooki’s Boyfriend – typical New Haven Citizen

So – I always ask my suuuuuuuuper I-talian trainer, the one, the only, Andrew Spinato (of NHF famedom) if he watches the Jersey Shore after he makes bizarro guido-y type references…mostly about his friends using steroids and using the phrase Juicehead – something I’d never heard until before the show, but something that seemed to be ingrained in his vernacular since birth.  He vehemently denies having ever seen the show – “cept that one scene where the girl gets punched in the face.”  But today he added that he lifts with that girl’s boyfriend at Gold’s Gym in New Haven.  And I thought for sure he was full of shit…b/c everyone knows she’s so very desperately, sadly, like a small retarded puppy sadly single…So I just said OK and figured Andrew was just farting out his mouth – as is typical of our early morning conversations when he’s giving me a pulverizing, soul crushing beatdown…Bu-hut when I opened my daily gossip column this morning much to my surprise – this…to quote:

“Just a month ago, Snooki told PEOPLE that she was looking for love. Well, it seems she got her wish: Just a week or so ago, the Jersey Shore breakout star started dating 21-year-old Emilio Masella, a personal trainer at the Gold’s Gym in New Haven, Conn.”

But it kinda does make PERFECT sense that she would date someone from New Haven…which is exactly why I dread the fact that I live exist here…and am single…again…Silver Lining – only have to be here for the rest of my 20’s!  Can someone please pass the lexapro?


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