Watch Barack YoMama not really understand science

So yesterday our fearless leader spoke about stuff…mostly money stuff, but other important stuff too, like Israel and how bad the last administration fucked this country into the ground and being black and all…and oh yeah, someone asked that annoying question about that controversial science-y thing we all hear about – stem cell research…And Barack responded.  His response was totally sufficient for what he was trying to say – basically Stem Cell research is fine by me and the luno-s in the bible belt can go suck it b/c they’re ethical standards are dumb…that plus ethics aside, he made it very clear that in the long run the way to get our asses out of this fucked up economy is to stop spending so much money on sick, fat and old people and mitigate health care costs…which ofcourse starts with expanding funding and capabilities of science research…Awesome…he is great for folks like me! (I hate it when he says folks…which he did several times last night in the 10 minutes I watched…it reminds me of that last guy who did his job…anyway I digress…)  Anyway the point i’m trying to get at is, when you watch him respond below, I’m pretty convinced he has NO IDEA what stem cells even are…I’m pretty sure he knows absolutely nothing about science…Every time he reaches into his super brain and is looking for a science word, he stumbles with some uhmms and uhhs for a little bit before landing on usually something more politico like ‘morals’ or ‘ethics’ or just plain old ‘science’ instead.  But anyway, someone needs to fill him in on ASAP on those stem cell things he’s all for…b/c it looks bad that he doesn’t really know anything about them except his stance…


1 Response to “Watch Barack YoMama not really understand science”

  1. 1 Jason April 5, 2009 at 12:22 am

    Wooo! The nickname I coined for the president is catching on!

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