New Haven Parking Meters will Eat Your Money, Soul

parking-copyOk, so I try never to drive around New Haven anymore than I have to. For one, it’s small enough to get around without having a car, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Everywhere on the street is plagued with parking meters. That’s fine…the city should be allowed to collect some form of compensation for essentially renting you space to leave your vehicle…However (prepare yourself for some major injustinces in 5, 4, 3, 2…) the parking meters in New Haven will on average eat 1/6 or so of the coins you feed it, and reward you with no time. In addition, putting in a quarter will buy you 12 minutes, but two dimes and a nickel will buy you 10 or 11 minutes depending on what kind of mood the meter is in. And yes, that is not to even mention the fact that parking on the streets of New Haven for 12 minutes costs 25 cents which is a ridiculousness all in itself. Don’t worry fellow residents – I’m taking action!seeclickscreenshot1


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