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Yalie Shot, Mayor Responds: Tough Shit, Welcome to New Haven

I am a Douche bag

"I am a Douche bag"

It’s 8pm in New Haven. It’s a lovely Summer’s eve. I’m outside sitting on my patio overlooking Orange St., talking on the phone. I’m then interrupted by the sounds of sirens. Police Sirens, soaring up the street at rapid, no bullshit pace. A few minutes later an equally hurried ambulance soared in the opposite direction.

The next morning the Yale community was alerted that a graduate student, moving into her new East Rock apt. had been mugged and after a struggle was shot in the hand by her mugger. The description of the suspect sent along by Police Chief James Perotti states, “The male is described as being approximately 25 years of age, chubby build, wearing a dark shirt, blue jeans and white cap,” is as always devoid of one key physical descriptor that might be super helpful in identifying the suspect – this is obviously race. I think it’s highly dysfunctional they leave this kind of critical detail out for the sake of political correctness. It’d be one thing if it wasn’t known…in which case they could say that race wasn’t known…but the crime happened in daylight hours and other news sources like the New Haven Register described the suspect, “as a black man.” The fact of the matter is when the choice information such as race is witheld ambiguously I am much more inclined to just assume it is a minority than had they just said they didn’t know. When they say nothing it makes it more obvious they’re trying to cover it (i’m still not sure for what reason) which just leads to people assuming…and then they’ve gotten no where anyway except they look like ignotards.

The other, even more disturbing reaction to this situation came from Mayor Douchie DeStefano. DeStefano comments, as WTNH reports:

“You have three cities in the state that have 40% of the state’s affordable housing, provide for most of the populations that have mental health and substance abuse needs, and basically is here for everybody — whether you’re a graduate student at Yale, or frankly, whether you’re someone with long-term mental health and substance abuse problems,” Mayor DeStefano said. “That’s the role that the cities in our state provide.”

Mayor DeStefano goes on to say (with a seemingly bizarre heir of pride) that New Haven will not turn away those who might be considered high-risk. “We will be a place for everybody, that’s what we’ve chosen to be,” he said. “We don’t pass zoning that keep people out, we don’t refuse facilities, be they group homes, mental health facilities, substance abuse, we have 24 registered sex offenders living in the city of New Haven right now and a parole and probation population of 5,000.”

Oh, so New Haven is like Ellis Island for degenerates, mentally ill, and dangerous criminals! Where they are welcomed and can find safe haven – no pun intended! This is basically what the Mayor is saying (with such eloquence it rivals that of Emma Lazarus!). Not only that, but Yale provides a wealth of well-to-do, tax dollar paying citizens that can pay for the hoodlums and their “facilities,” and simultaneously serve as prey to attacks and mugging when one of the crazies feels like committing a violent crime! (Irony!) Don’t like it? Well the Mayor feels that you’re shit out of luck…You should have went to Princeton! What kind of attitude is that to have? If anything you more than anyone should be working toward the reform of the city – not by refusing entry or through zoning as you falsely think people want, but through education, economic, social and police force reform…That’s your job asshole. Or is your description of New Haven above your definition of All-American you so proudly boast about? You are the lamest Mayor ever and I’d like to see how you’d feel after you were one of the victims of a shooting.

Seriously let’s ban together and impeach this loser… Or at least have him checked into one of the facilities and from there he can be the mayor of Boo Haven instead.

**Note: Also worth noting, I’m not sure where he gets his factoids from, but 24 sex offenders?  I think not…or at least not according to this highly reputable blog…as well as Family Watchdog.


Da HobOlympicz! “Light the (Bon)Fire Within”

Are you sick of hearing the name Michael Phelps every 7.2 seconds? Yeah, me too. So in anti-honor of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics occurring this very moment, I propose the commencement of the first annual HobOlympics! (obvs to take place in NH). In concert with the sentiments of this blog, the HobOlympics will consist of scurrilous events that seek to exploit the desperate nature of hobos and crackheads alike in the spirit of competition, entertainment and overflowing funniness… The events after the jump.


08-08-08 – A Very Special Bitchyourfaceoff Edition

Nobody reads this blog…only freakoids and perved out zoophiliacs. Seriously…see for yourself:

Continue…if you dare

Snap That: TGIF

I have officially been cast as CatWoman in the next installment of the BatMan Movies! Watch out Halle Berry! Cha Ching!

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