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The Benches of New Haven: A Rope of Sand

So I’ve officially moved out of downtown and to the pseudo-burb known as East Rock. In memory of my time spent amongst “the other half” of New Haven, I present – The Benches of New Haven – a small collection representative of my daily commute across The Green to school everyday. I think the photos speak for themselves. More…


What would Casey Cartwright do?

So tonight was the season finale of Greek – the last show on TV worth watching until the Fall…From here on out it’s patheticsville Summer reality blech…But I digress…I was in a sorority once for like five minutes in college – and it’s kinda great how dead on this show is about certain aspects of Greek life while simultaneously being completely unrealistic in an optimistically naive and compassionate sort of way. Anyway I wanted to have a little discussion on the show’s heroine – Casey Cartwright and how she embodies the attitudes and mindset and displays the (yikes i’m gonna say) courage and self-worth that women today should actually strive to have but have lost somewhere along the way. Continue on to uncharacteristic Fem rant

An Ode to Sushi Palace

I am so full I think i’m gonna vom vom everywhere.  Tonight in honor of another BME comrade’s birthday, LK, we sojourned out through the buffer of ghetto that encapsulates New Haven into the suburb of Hamden for my new favorite thing that’s (almost) in New Haven – Sushi Palace!!!!  For $16.95 they will feed you ALL the Sushi you can stomach and then some in addition to all the regular style Japanese food and dessert you can handle.  Also, the quality was damn good and the service was speedy.  I think I loved this place sooooooo much because it’s the first thing i’ve found in (almost) New Haven that actually by far and away trumps what you can find in NYC.  All you can eat sushi places in the city are usually more like $28, have time limits, have a limited menu, shit service, will charge you extra for the good (and good really meaning standard ) rolls and usually have huge fucking waits.  But Sushi Palace is my new Heaven in the Haven…and Hell on my diet…but totally worth it!!!!!!  Also we learned that you can totally avoid Dixwell Ave and get there via Whitney Ave – totally avoiding the ghetto buffer…score #2. Win. Win. Win.

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