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Check out the new non-copyright infringing header! I know it’s totally lawful because I hauled my ass up to the top of East Rock to take the pic myself.

And because I hate the system I’m giving all you hobohaveners rights to the image fo’ free. So now go use it to start your own blog about how much you love, hate or love to hate New Haven! Here it is in full size.


Weezer is Back Biotches!

If you would have asked me which is more likely to come first – the coming of the Messiah or a comeback by the hip 90’s alt band Weezer – I would have said the former. After their last too uber flunkoids – the aptly named Maladroit and (the I tried to) Make Believe (it didn’t exist) I thought for sure they were doneso for good. But. Holy. Crap. Weezer is fucking back!


Listen, Watch, NH Implode!

It’s been a long week and it’s not over.  I really have nothing to say but I’ve missed my pet blog these past few days and it needed feeding…So! Let’s just watch shit blow up!

Ct: “The state where people stop to let their pets go to the bathroom between New York and Boston.”

It’s Summer. Usually a favorite time of year for me. However, I’m stuck in New Haven working while everyone else I know has or will exit for more exotic locales. So all that will remain shortly are science grad students ( a bunch of suckas ) and the Connecticutians. Shit. I’m grossed out by NH b/c of all the hobos, bums and crackheads as you’re already well aware, but honestly the average Connecticutian is almost as highly a dysfunctional entity as the aforementioned groups. Seriously, what is wrong with this state? More…

Shocker: New Haven chock full of pedophiles, rapists

Most people have heard of Family Watchdog. It’s that a useful website that maps out all those pesky sex offenders in your area complete with uber creepy pics, conviction factoids and of course the home and work addresses of the people quite likely to molest your children. Since i’ve started this blog like 10 people have e-mailed me the link as if I didn’t know it existed. No. I knew. Well you asked for it you got it. (Handy map included after the jump)

So what did a quick search on Family Watchdog NH bring up? About 400+ offenders and they’re pretty much everywhere (except East Rock). I currently seem to live in the midst of some highly concentrated of sex offender activity! (Anyone wanna come hang out at my place? Aww, come on, look at the map, they live next door to you too!) But just a quick glance at the map might be deceiving. Looking a little deeper your realize that one little square might be multiple offenders. Take for example, More…

Wanted: Rich, Jewish, Single Doctor-type…Mid 20’s – early 30’s

So I’m a litttle drunk…but bear with me here….or go do something useful with your time isntead

I signed up for JDate…and for some reason no one likes my online profile…i’d show you but it’s a member’s only club just like Judaism itself. Anyway my friend Zach came over tongith to help hammer out the kinks in my profile and give me insight into what jewish men want…which i obviously am not…

i guess here’s why….take for example this guy his cyber-name is slightlydorky…he said blah blah blah…i’ve never really dated jewish girls…i like blah blah blah…so this was my e-mail msg to him.

Subj: Hi Dork
I’ve only really been with non-jews too! Like i’ve seen about 9 penises in my day and only 1 of which was jewish…but they were all circumsized….let’s get coffee…

Zach was like no, and this is the msg he sent for me when he grabbed my comp. out of my hand:
Subj: Hey There
I like your profile – we have some things in common, and you seem like a really nice guy. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee some time?

Whih do you think would work better? Oh right…none…i’ a hopeless case…fine…fine…

Ok…enough of htis(my non-existent personal life)…tomorrow we’re back to the usual NH druel…and we’ve got a lot of fun in store for you including kitty kiddie porn!! Whoooooo!

Awesome new website for NH complaints…with the goal of actually fixing them! Oh Joy!

There’s a new website designed to fix New Haven! is an interactive map powered (of fucking course) by Google that allows anyone to click anywhere on the map and report problems they’ve witnessed that needs a fixin’ around town. This website as of now sorta makes it seem like New Haven’s biggest problem is potholes – although some concerned citizens have reported the sketchy drug deals that the guy who sells “socks and belts” out on the southwest corner of the Green is up to and the fact that the benches that line the Green are not sufficient homeless shelters. Either way this site gets two thumbs up for trying to help make my life better.

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